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Posted by Team Designdistrict on Oct 15th 2022

Halloween is coming up, so for us that brings to mind decorating in the color black. If decorating in black spooks you, please don't be afraid. Actually, the color black is a staple in various design styles and décor. Black is great for contrast and it adds an extra pop to a room that needs something to make it stand out. Check out some ideas below to find out how decorating with black can seem edgy, but it's almost a necessity in pulling off a t… Read more

Posted by Team Designdistrict on Oct 14th 2022

Get ready to entertain for the Holidays. Start with choosing the right dining table that your family and friends can gather around comfortably. If you entertain in a big way, you're going to need a big dining table. Pick a table that's extendable for invited guests and those unexpected ones too. We love extendable dining tables for their sheer function. They can be the right size for everyday use but can be expanded for Holiday parties and gather… Read more

Posted by Team Designdistrict on Oct 14th 2022

If you have a small living space, but you don't want to limit your furniture options read this. Did you know you can actually maximize your space by adding large pieces of furniture? The trick to using large furniture like an oversized sectional or coffee table is to keep the remaining space you're working with free of clutter. Also, make sure you choose light fabrics for large upholstered pieces. This will give any small room a light and airy fe… Read more