You need a Cantilever chair (but may not know it)

You need a Cantilever chair (but may not know it)

A cantilever chair is a chair whose seating and framework are not supported by the typical arrangement of 4 legs, but instead is held erect and aloft by a single leg or legs that are attached to one end of a chair's seat and bent in an L shape, thus also serving as the chair's supporting base.

Cantilever chairCantilever chair

If you have a modern decor or eclectic decor, a Cantilever chair would be the perfect addition to any seating area in your home. They're sleek and provide a minimalist, uncluttered look. When choosing a Cantilever chair, know its purpose--Will you use it as a dining chair, accent chair or lounge chair? There are various types of Cantilever chairs, so the key is choosing the right one for your application. We really like the Cantilever dining chairs with the cane seat and back.They were originally designed by Marcel Breuer. Marcel Breuer was one of the first designers who introduced the Cantilever chair to the world. Try experimenting with Cantilever chairs. Mix some in your decor. Once you try them, you'll love your new look.

Cantilever chairCantilever chair

Cantilever chairs

Black and white cantilever chairs Cantilever chair

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