Embrace Those Curves | Why We Love A Curvy Sofa

Embrace Those Curves | Why We Love A Curvy Sofa

Curvaceous couches are trending. We've always liked a sofa with some personality, so we're thrilled modern sofas with curves are so popular now. Here are a few reasons why we think a curvy sofa could be the solution to make your living room come alive.

Living room with blue curved velvet sectional sofa

The Price Is Right

A curved sofa used to be very expensive. In fact only a few years ago, it would be hard to find one under $2000. Now with modern manufacturing and modern materials, curvy sofas are very affordable. We've even found some under $1000, and they look amazing.  So when you're thumbing through those expensive furniture magazines and run across a sofa with curves, know there's probably one you can find that's similar and way more affordable.

Curved velvet gray sofa

Perfect For Gatherings

Curvy sofas are made to bring people together. They provide a more intimate feeling. You're guests will instantly feel compelled to be more relaxed and comfortable. The cluster element of a curved sofa allows for good group settings while still maintaining a casual and conversational atmosphere. We think a curved sofa will welcome you and your guests with open arms.

Vladimir Kagan Cream Curved Sofa

Retro Vibes

Vladimir Kagan and Isamu Noguchi were designers in the Mid Century who knew how to use curved shapes in their designs. Some of their curved sofas are still very popular today. In fact, we see their style influence in almost every curved sofa design today.  Even though curved sofas are very popular today, their style actually reflect the Mid Century era in which they first originated. It's rather amazing how a curved sofa can give a room a retro and modern vibe all at the same time.

Vladimir Kagan sofa

Eva Curved Modern  Sofa in Pink

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