Eames Education

Eames Education

Eames chairs are the most iconic chairs ever made. They're easy to recognize and are popular for good reason. But did you know each chair has a specific name? Most Eames chairs have a three letter acronym associated with the function and the materials used in design. Some have numbers attached if the chair features accessories like a leather cover. Here's a little Eames education on some of your favorite chairs designed by Charles & Ray Eames. 


LCW = Lounge Chair Wood

LCM = Lounge Chair Metal

DCW = Dining Chair Wood

DCM = Dining Chair Metal

DAR = Dining Armchair Wire

DAW = Dining Armchair Wood

DSR = Dining Side Chair Wire

DSW = Dining Side Chair Wood

DKR = Wire Side Chair / Eiffel Base 

PKW = Wire Chair / Dowel Swivel Base

DKR-2 = Wire Side Chair / Eiffel Base / Bikini Cover

PKW-2 = Wire Chair On Dowel  / Swivel Base / Bikini Cover


Eames Education

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Eames Education

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