2019 Spring Design Trends

2019 Spring Design Trends

Spring is a time of renewal, so let’s spruce up your decor!

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your living spaces by giving them an update. We have 3 Spring Design Trends that we think you’ll love. Give your home a new look with simple updates you can enjoy for Spring and beyond.

We’re a Fan of Rattan

Rattan and wicker furniture is everywhere these days, and it’s not the rattan you’ll see on  Golden Girls re-runs. Rattan furniture has evolved into modern pieces that are designed to look forward (not backwards into the 80’s). Rattan is functional, beautiful and yes….fashionable. So, we would advise that you rethink rattan and try it in your home.

Rattan Lounge Chair - DesigndistrictModern.com

Yes, You Cane!

Cane was especially popular during the Victorian height of the British Empire, it is one of the most ancient techniques of furniture manufacture, used by Tibetan warriors, Peruvian princesses, and Egyptian pharaohs, for thousands of years. Caned furniture first appeared in Holland, England and France around the 1660s, thanks to bustling trade with Asia. Caning was typically used for the seats and backs of wooden chairs.

Why We Love It

Cane furniture is versatile and can be enjoyed in any setting. It looks great when paired with modern furniture, and it looks amazing with traditional furniture as well. Cane furniture is know for it’s extraordinary lightness. Try it if you’re going for a Coastal-Beach vibe.  It will look amazing! We also love seeing Cane furniture in Bohemian Modern and Mid Century Modern interiors.

View our Cane Furniture Collection >

Console Table with Two Cane Doors - DesigndistrictModern.com

Pretty In Pink

Pink furniture is trending. Some may call it blush or even, should I say it…mauve. Well trust me, mauve is making a comeback, and we’re kind of delighted. Pink is a wonderful color. Yes, you’ve got to be a little daring to try it, but when you do. WOW! It looks so good. Try one of the pink Modern Glam sofas below for a look your guests will never forget.

Savoy Glam Modern Pink Velvet Sofa with Brushed Brass Base - DesigndistrictModern.com

Visit www.DesigndistrictModern.com to see these styles and more, or call +1(866) 289-6998. We’ll be glad to assist you!

Designdistrict Modern - DesigndistrictModern.com

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